Cleaning your house does not have to be a tedious and stressful process. Once you have a good plan, you should be able to effectively clean all rooms of your house in a few hours. Some of the tips that you can use to make things easier for you include:

Have an elaborate plan

To be successful at it, you must have a plan. The trick is to consider the time you have and the size of your house. It is always easier if you do your cleaning in individual rooms than being all over the place trying to do everything at once. You can even do a few rooms if your house is very big then embark on cleaning the other rooms the next day so that you do not get too exhausted.

Start from top down

Cleaning is easier if you start with cleaning the surfaces, arranging items and dealing with what is on top before you start cleaning the floors and vacuuming. It gets even easier when you leave the mopping and vacuuming for last so that you can do all rooms at one go.

Delegate duties

If you have children or you live with other people, house cleaning is easier when you delegate duties. You can have the children cleaning up clutter, arranging their toys, and picking up stuff as you handle the heavy stuff. Depending on the ages of those you live with, you can even assign roles such as doing dishes and folding clothes.

Descend on the bathroom

Even though the thought of scrubbing the bathroom may not be too pleasing, the sooner you get done with it, the better. Put on your gloves and scrub it till it sparkles. It is always better to start with cleaning the bathroom as it can be time-consuming yet it should never be done in a hurry.

Head to the kitchen

When cleaning the kitchen, start with plates and pots. If possible, hand wash them. From there, you should clean the countertops and microwave. Look inside your fridge and check to see if anything is past its expiry date. You should also organize the cabinets and clean the oven. Empty the bin and change kitchen towels before cleaning the floor.

Organize the bedroom

Strip the linen and spread the bed. Clear all the clutter and if you are not able to organize them immediately, put them in a basket for later. Spend a few minutes organizing your closet, and if you have more time, you can even declutter and get rid of clothes you do not wear to create more room in your house.

Clean the floors

How you clean your floor will be determined by the material used to make the floors. This should be the last part of your cleaning.