Vacuum cleaners are essential household appliances used for mopping dirt and dust. The versatility offered by most vacuum cleaners makes cleaning a lot easy and efficient. Buying a vacuum cleaner provides some level of comfort to your life.

Over time, manufacturers have been working towards supplying the market with better and more effective cleaners. For instance, new models tend to be a lot more powerful, lightweight, and are also versatile in terms of the nature of jobs they can handle. You can now choose between the traditional vacuum cleaner and a wet vacuum cleaner.

Why You Need a Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, wet vacuuming has a lot to offer when it comes to household cleaning. As much as these two models work on the same principle, wet vacuum cleaners are known to provide superior air intake. Looking at the design, they use a bucket and not the traditional bag. This is, however, not the only difference and this article explores other reasons why wet vacuuming is the real deal.


Wet vacuum cleaners are known to be versatile. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners which are only used on dry surfaces, wet vacuum cleaners can handle various cleaning jobs. They can be used for debris collection, to unclog pipes, and most importantly, clean wet carpets. This means that this handy tool can replace a host of traditional household tools like mops, brooms, and air pumps among others.


Wet vacuum cleaners are known for their powerful suction abilities. Its built-in fixed motor and easy storage facilities make it easy for these pumps to offer the much-needed suction power. Notably, as much as some wet vacuum cleaners might not have huge tanks, their suction is not compromised in any way.

Disposal of Liquids

Wet cleaners rely on two distinct disposal procedures. The drain hoses are used to dispose of liquids, while collected dirt and debris can be removed by lifting the lid of the collector. This means that you do not have to carry heavy tanks or bags to extract the contents of the container as these vacuums are equipped with ergonomic disposal mechanisms.

How to Clean Your Carpet Using a Wet Vacuum Cleaner

By now you have an idea of how wet vacuuming works and what wet vacuum cleaners can do. Wet vacuuming requires you to get your carpet ready and at the same time remove furniture at risk of getting damp.

If your carpet is stained, you might have to apply some detergents or a solution containing detergents and water. Spread the solution evenly and brush the carpet to clean.

The final cleaning step requires you to pick the wet vac. Hold the floor attachment firmly to remove moisture from the deepest parts of your carpet. Move the vac back and forth until each part of your carpet is clean and dry.