Pets are fun to have until you start dealing with hairs left all over. This is especially problematic for people who keep dogs and cats. Veterinarians admit that one of the common questions they get is from people asking how to deal with the hairs. If you are thinking of getting rid of your pets because you can no longer deal with the hairs all over the house, you should hold on and learn the tips of dealing with cat and dog hairs.

Groom your cats and dogs with the right tools

There are different sets of brushes meant for pet grooming. Make sure you buy one that is made specifically for your type of pet. If possible, ask your vet for recommendations. Try to brush the hair outside to reduce chances of hairs landing all over the place. If you brush daily, the hairs will be less matted and will be unlikely to fall off.

Vacuum the house

It is as simple as it sounds. The more you vacuum your house, the less likely you will deal with dog and cat hair all over your house. Using some baking powder on the carpet removes odours and loosens the pet furs. If you are not able to clean regularly, seek the help of a professional cleaner to avoid accumulation of the hairs.

Do your laundry

One of the areas where you are likely to get cat and dog hair is clothes, cushions and blankets. To control this, have a regular schedule on when you do your laundry. The more frequently you do it, the better. Make it a habit to also clean up the area where your pets sleep and spend time.

Invest in cleaning accessories

The best way to tackle fur from cats and dogs is investing in the right cleaning accessories. Get a link cleaner to brush the hairs from fabrics and chairs. A bristle brush to get rid of the ones stuck in high surfaces also comes in handy.

Train your pets

You are likely to get a lot of hairs on chairs and curtains if your cats and dogs are always hopping on furniture or your bedding. If the hairs are becoming more of a bother, train your pets to spend more time away from the furniture and fabrics.

Check on their diet and supplements

If your cats and dogs are shedding too much hair, it could be an issue with their diet. Foods rich in omega 3 have been found to control shedding of fur in animals. You can also get supplements from a pet store. The supplements always come in handy to take forms such as tablet gels that will appeal to your pet.

Consult a veterinarian

If the symptoms of hair shedding persist more than you think is normal, visit a vet. They will check your pets for skin diseases and even prescribe medication if need be. Since they are experienced, they will also advise on the best ways to manage the hair and keep your house clean.